Robotic Process Automation

UiPath RPA solutions offer a powerhouse of software tools which enable software automation through mimicking human behaviour at the computer. Thus, once a robot is implemented, it will act similarly to a human: it would click on buttons, enter text, and edit Excel spreadsheets and so on. Of course there are number of other activities robots can perform on desktop computers too: create, modify and delete data tables, transform data, make rule based decisions or understand written text – to a certain extent – harnessing its AI capabilities.

Working hours

All RPA agents – robots – are able to perform as many different tasks as needed – or as possible by schedule or other limitations. Therefore, once a robot is implemented, it immediately starts working, saving working hours. One robot is able to operate 24/7 all year, thus completing cca. 8000 working hours yearly, with conservative estimation.

Why UiPath?

New York based UiPath is one of the largest global RPA provider company. Its international presence, more than 3000 employees worldwide, and partners as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others, UiPath is one of the leaders in the sector. Just as with any other enterprise software solution, when choosing a supplier partner long term stability, reliability, innovation, market presence and many other factors may determine the choice. UiPath offers all these: having successfully integrated AI capabilities, advanced OCR solutions, and specific large enterprise features into the RPA platform, it also became compatible with legacy enterprise IT environments and terminal servers.

Therefore, besides being one of the market leaders in the global RPA market, UiPath also keeps its technological advantage, and holds its product on the edge of global RPA technology.

Why Us?

Our professional team gained more than 20 years of experience in large enterprise process automation having not only managed hundreds of successful BPM implementation projects in Europe, but also developed the solution over the years through many iterations. Our proprietary BPM and DMS solution xFLOWer is widely used by large corporations. More than 10 000 users, billions of processes ran, and the thousands of process types managed and automated stands as proof of our efforts. This experience gave us more than solid foundations to start our RPA services two years ago.

Our RPA implementations so far included web automation, desktop automation, integrated solution implementation and even IBM AS/400 terminal automation projects.

As a long term partner of leading enterprises as The Liberty Group and MetLife Insurance, choosing us not only ensures successful automation projects, but also offers long term support for all solutions implemented.