In case of an integrated solution implementation project, the highest level of commitment for automation is needed pertaining implementation time and upfront costs. Nevertheless, the return on investment is the highest in this case, considering the high ratio of automated tasks. Daily work is managed by business processes, running in the workflow – BPM – system, while repetitive desktop computer tasks are distributed to RPA agents whenever possible. By enabling this type of automation, the highest amount of working hours can be saved. Actual amounts are calculated individually during process analysis, hence the return on investment time on the implementation project can be predicted.

Gradual implementation

We always recommend gradual implementation of automated processes. Processes can be automated one by one, and can be implemented one at a time, hence making the implementation lighter and simpler for the workforce. On the other hand, once a process is implemented, it performs real work, thus increases performance. Results therefore can be harnessed in a relatively short period of time following the start. As new processes and automations are implemented, daily work tend to become quicker and easier for many departments in the company, while saving working hours.

Non-invasive projects

Both components of our integrated solution can be implemented without serious changes in the existing IT systems and infrastructure. As both solutions are cloud based, only some RPA processes are running on clients, while server, or other IT resources are not needed. Therefore, the project will mean minimum or no extra workload for the IT team, compared to on premise implementations.

Enterprise security, compliance and scalability

Cloud based components of UiPath RPA and xFLOWer workflow can be run on any cloud provider’s infrastructure, Amazon AWS being the default for both. Nevertheless, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure is also ideal for the applications. UiPath can also run in the UiPath Cloud, also based in the continental US. All of these providers enable large scale implementations and provide the highest level of compliance and security for enterprise users.